Sunday, December 2, 2012

Charity Miles App - I need more info!

Running is my therapy.  When I need to get away, I hit the pavement.  Sometimes I literally hit the pavement.  I fall more than an adult should.

Anyway, I saw a Facebook friend was using this app called Charity Miles to run.  I normally use Run Keeper.

Run Keeper keeps your pace, distance, time, and your records.

Charity Miles keeps up with your time and distance, but it also claims to give money to the charity of your choice for each mile you run, walk, or bike.  You get $.10 for biking a mile and $.25 for running or walking.

For my run today, I chose the Wounded Warrior Project.

After running 4 miles, I stopped the App.  I expected it to say something like, "Way to go!  You just raised $1.00 for Wounded Warrior Project."  But, it didn't.  It gave me a post to put on Facebook that said I was a sponsored runner.

So, truly, I don't know if it worked.  I never got a confirmation that the money was given to WWP, but I'm hopeful it did.

I recommend checking this out if you are a runner.  I will say, knowing that each mile was worth a quarter, kept me going.  I felt like stopping around mile 3 today, but I finished strong and completed 4 miles.

Please let me know if you have heard about this, or have proof that it works!  I want to know more!

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