Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

Yay!  My second Stitch Fix arrived!

In case you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it's a clothing service.
You go to the website that I've listed above, fill out a survey, pay $20, and wait for your Fix to arrive.
Once it arrives, you have three days to try on your stuff and decide if you like it.  If you do like one item, your $20 fee is applied to the clothing item.  
This is my second Stitch Fix and it was fun!
See my items below!

This is my favorite by far!  I would never pick this out, but I absolutely love it. 
The only thing I'm unsure about is the waistline.  I think I'm over that now though.  I'm keeping this.   

Okay.  The white pants and the shirt.  The pants are so comfortable,  but a little too tight.  The shirt was just okay.  It pulls in a weird way across my chest.
I like this shirt, but it's a little boring.  I don't know if I am keeping.
Denim Jacket - I really really like this.  I can' t decide.  I can get a denim jacket anywhere, but I love the cut. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scalp Psoriasis

I have scalp psoriasis.  Since high school, it has plagued me.

This is what my skin looks like under my hair...

This is not my head.  This shows what it looks like.  Fortunately, my hair covers all of mine. 

I itch CONSTANTLY.  If I scratch, I have flakes everywhere.  It's impossible for me not to scratch.  Michael has been trying to get me to stop for years.  It doesn't work.  The itch is that intense.

I have had embarrassing situations happen many times.  I'll wear a jacket with a hood in my classroom, go outside and put the hood up, and my flakes will go everywhere.  Several of my teacher friends have started noticing.

Basically, I can't wear anything dark on the top half of my body without fear of embarrassment or without being extra extra careful.

It was terrible when I was working in TV, because there's nothing better looking than a black blazer.  I had to be extremely careful and "dust" myself off during commercial breaks if I was anchoring and wearing dark colors.

I have tried numerous treatments from my dermatologist.  I think because my hair is so thick and it's so difficult to get to my scalp, all those treatments have failed.

I went back to the dermatologist a few weeks ago.  She gave me a new treatment.  I am determined to make it work.

I've also been watching youtube videos from people who've had a similar issue.

This girl has a lot of good advice.  She actually shaved her head to treat her psoriasis.  She says she found a remedy that would have not required head shaving.  Her story is cool.

So, I'm praying my psoriasis clears up.  I really want to start wearing black again!

100 Things to Eat in Memphis: Uncle John's

I'm just here for the bread pudding.  I am an ADDICT.  

So, when I saw that there was a new list of 100 places to eat in the Memphis area and that bread pudding was on that list, I had to jump in the car and get there as fast as I could.

This bread pudding is unique, because it's made with hamburger buns.  It gives it an extra extra fluffy feel.

It's pretty good.  I would put it in the top 5 I've ever had.  (The top spot, by the way, is Sucre in New Orleans.)

This post is from Spring Break, so it's been a minute since I visited Uncle John's in Crawfordsville, Arkansas.  

Second Line

Finally, Second Line, we meet!  I have really been wanting to try this place.  New Orleans is my favorite city, and this restaurant gets its name from a New Orleans' tradition.

Overall, the experience was cool.  The food was great.  My favorite was absolutely the appetizer...

The Star of the Show - Pimento Cheese Fries (Pimento cheese is just one of the many ingredients here.)

One problem I had, there was only like one highchair between both Second Line and Restaurant Iris next door.  There was a table using the highchair, but the kid wasn't in it.  So, we had to wait and wait and wait.  Finally, I went up to the table myself, because the hostess wasn't going to do so.  I asked if we could use the chair, and they said I could.  Still, as the customer, I don't think I should be the one dealing with that.  So, other than that minor annoyance, we had a delicious time.

Cup with Ticket

I've seen these on Pinterest, but this was my first one to see in person.  It was on the street with the restaurant. 
Break Pudding - Pretty Good
Just Okay Red Beans and Rice
Phenomenal Onion Rings

Ham and Cheese Poboy - I think.

Duh, Menu - The clipboard is cute. 

My father and ESPECIALLY my father-in-law would hate this sign.  

My Lunch Dates

100 Things to Eat in Memphis: Holiday Ham's JalapeƱo Pimento Cheese

Do you have a "death row meal?"  You know, a list of your fantasy food items that you would eat as your last meal...

Holiday Ham's Jalapeno Pimento Cheese is on mine.  

Oh my gosh.

And to think, I didn't think I liked pimento cheese until a little over a year ago.

That's when Patti made some that was so freaking good. 

Now, I love trying pimento cheese.  

I would say that Patti's and Holiday Ham's is a tie for first place. 

I do NOT recommend grocery store pimento cheese.  Yuck.

Do yourself a favor.  Get a friend who cooks like Patti or head over to Holiday Ham for some amazing pimento cheese.

Napa Cafe Seared Duck Breast

In a word: overrated

We were invited here by some of our good friends.  I had never been to Napa Cafe, so I was excited to try something new.  

I googled Napa Cafe to see if it had anything on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list.  

Something came up on the search results, but I couldn't find it on the actual list.  I went with the search results, which said to try the duck breast. 

It was just okay.  Nothing special.  

And this place was EXPENSIVE.  I think our bill was $120.  

Anyway, come to find out, someone had suggested the duck breast in the comments section of the blog.  This is why it was coming up on search results.

So, not very impressed with this restaurant.  

The company was good though!