Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Class

This past weekend Michael and I attended baby class!  We learned a lot!  

Some things I learned were encouraging (Breast feeding burns 500 calories!) and some things I learned weren't so pleasant (As many as 90% of vaginal births require an episiotomy!  Ouch!)  

Before class, I was pretty dead set on having a natural birth, but after watching the birthing videos, I've decided I'm open to the idea of an epidural.  I changed my mind because they showed two videos.  In the first video, the girl got an epidural.  The pain did not take over the labor process.  She seemed to be able to enjoy the experience.  The other lady did not have an epidural.  She was acting CRAY CRAY! She was moaning and swaying and appeared to be summoning the gods of labor during her experience.  I don't want to look coo-coo.  So, I've decided that I'll go in with the hopes of going natural, but if it gets too painful, and it's not too late, bring on the epidural.  

The first half of the class was all about labor.  The second half was what to do with the little creature after we bring her home.  Bottom line:  Lay her on her back.  It seems if we can remember to do that, we've won half the battle!

Other tidbits I learned:  

Men should massage their pregnant wives often.  We are carrying around about 30 extra pounds.
Body pillows are NECESSARY during pregnancy.  I bought one Sunday.  After two nights with it, I can say sleep is coming more easily.
Newborns have stomachs the size of a marble.  Good to know.
There will be no bow-chicka-bow-wow for at least 6 weeks after birth.
It's important to drink a lot of water while breast feeding.
Michael is better at swaddling than me... for now!  

9 weeks to go!  Come on November 4th!

Michael is wearing a 30 pound backpack here.  He only kept it on for 30 seconds. 

Our awesome instructor!

Michael swaddling! 

Michael sponge bathing.

Labor advice!

Remember!  This side up!

Drink lots of water!

We got to keep this as a little souvenir.

Another angle of Michael preggers!

All new parents should have these in their cupboards!  

A look at the rest of the class!