Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Second Line

Finally, Second Line, we meet!  I have really been wanting to try this place.  New Orleans is my favorite city, and this restaurant gets its name from a New Orleans' tradition.

Overall, the experience was cool.  The food was great.  My favorite was absolutely the appetizer...

The Star of the Show - Pimento Cheese Fries (Pimento cheese is just one of the many ingredients here.)

One problem I had, there was only like one highchair between both Second Line and Restaurant Iris next door.  There was a table using the highchair, but the kid wasn't in it.  So, we had to wait and wait and wait.  Finally, I went up to the table myself, because the hostess wasn't going to do so.  I asked if we could use the chair, and they said I could.  Still, as the customer, I don't think I should be the one dealing with that.  So, other than that minor annoyance, we had a delicious time.

Cup with Ticket

I've seen these on Pinterest, but this was my first one to see in person.  It was on the street with the restaurant. 
Break Pudding - Pretty Good
Just Okay Red Beans and Rice
Phenomenal Onion Rings

Ham and Cheese Poboy - I think.

Duh, Menu - The clipboard is cute. 

My father and ESPECIALLY my father-in-law would hate this sign.  

My Lunch Dates

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