Thursday, December 20, 2012

100 Places to Eat in Memphis: Molly's La Casita

I am knocking some places out this week from the 100 Places to Eat in Memphis blog.  Mom has been a great partner in crime as we are out for Christmas break.  

Today, we went to Molly's La Casita.  The item you're supposed to get is Bruce's Nachos.  

Bruce's Nachos
This picture doesn't do it justice.  This dish was huge!  Mom and I loved it.  We weren't able to finish, so my dad is getting another meal tonight!  

I also got the chimichanga.  It was really good too!  I wasn't crazy about the beans.

The salsa there was actually the best I'd ever had. 

The cool thing about this restaurant was the service.  It was great!  Also, the atmosphere is crazy cool.  The place has been on Overton Square for 30 years.  

It was such a fun day with Mom!

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