Thursday, December 20, 2012

100 Places to Eat in Memphis: Fuel's French Fry Trio

I've never been to Fuel before.  I had really never heard of it until I saw it on the 100 Places to Eat in Memphis Before You Die blog.  That's my favorite thing about the 100 Places to Eat blog.  I've been introduced to some really cool restaurants.  

I assume Fuel is a remodeled old gas station.  That's exactly what it looks like, and it explains the name of the restaurant.

I went with my mom and brother.  The blog says you are supposed to get the Fuel Fries Trio.  That name isn't actually on the menu, but the waitress said it was the regular Fuel fries with all three dipping sauces.  Now, I'm terrible, because I completed forgot to get the names of all three sauces.  They were all very unique.  I honestly have no idea what could be in any of them.  I'm so clueless about that stuff.

All I know is that they were delicious!  The fries are incredible.  I was so disappointed when the french fries stopped!  

My only complaint about our visit was the fact that the waitress didn't see us, so we had to wait 10 minutes before even being seen.  After that, the service was very prompt.  Also, their menu is a little confusing.  You can't really tell which dishes are lunch and which are dinner.  

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