Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updates: More Testing and Stella

Time for some updates!

The road to pregnancy after two miscarriages is filled with lots of questions, lots of testing, and very few answers.  

Exhibit A

I have become very familiar with this little tool over the last few months.  I really shouldn't call it little.  It's an ultrasound wand.  As you can tell, it's not for rubbing on the tummy.  I laughed out loud at another blogger who compared it to being the world's worst joystick.  I think today was my fourth or fifth time to experience the wand.  

It was not fun, as always, and today I felt more exposed than ever.  I had what's called a sonohystogram.  Basically, the doctor squirts some water up my lady parts.  It somehow inflates my lady parts and makes any irregularities obvious.  

As quickly as the water is squirted into you, it starts coming out.  So, it almost feels like your peeing and can't control it.  There is some cramping involved, but it just hurt REALLY bad for a second.  After it was over, I had a little bit of pain.. but not too much.  The worst part was how exposed I felt.  Over the past few months, my doctor has seen me at about every possible unflattering angle.  Today, it was the worst.  I was in his face as much as I possibly could be, THEN he turned a lamp on.  He's had a lamp on before, but never have I felt like I was in his face this much.  So, if there was any part of me the doctor had not seen, he could now.  

My "Just Beautiful" Lady Parts

Fortunately, (or unfortunately) I have "beautiful ovaries and a beautiful uterus."  Those are the words of the lady who performed my ultrasound with the doctor.  I say unfortunately, because once again I am left with no answers.  No explanation why my life has been upside down since June.  I am so grateful that there is nothing wrong, but I want to know WHY WHY WHY a baby can't thrive in my body.  

After the sonohystogram was over, Michael and I made another trip into the doctor's actual office.  Before June, I had been in a doctor's actual office, with his actual desk, only once in my life.  Now, Michael and I have our own couch in there.  He said we now have several options.  We can try again without any changes, we can try again with progesterone suppositories, or we can go with chromosomal testing.  

We aren't quite to the point of wanting to do chromosomal testing.  It's pretty expensive, and it would be very rare for there to be something wrong there.  If we have another miscarriage, I think we will definitely want to do that.  

We have decided to start using progesterone suppositories.  After I ovulate, I'll start taking them.  I'm prayerful this will help.

We've also decided to make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in infertility and recurrent miscarriage.  I'll keep you updated.


I am so thankful for the Hopeful Hearts group I have started going to every other Wednesday.  A group of girls all struggling with infertility, miscarriage, or adoption meet to discuss life.  I am able to discuss things with these ladies that no one else in my life understands.  We cry, laugh, and pray together.  We also share a lot of information.  I can't believe how much I've learned from these ladies in just a few short weeks!


Stella is growing like a weed.  

We had our three month check-up with Stella today.  She's happy and healthy!  I can't even remember what life was like without her!  :)

Here she is one month ago.  (8 lbs)

Here she is now!  She doubled her weight in month.  (17.5 lbs)

This is her morning hair.

Thanks for reading!!

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