Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th

Happy 4th!

Behind Christmas, this may be my favorite holiday.  (Okay, given my appetite, it's tied for second with Thanksgiving.)

When I was a reporter, it was so rare that I would get to enjoy an entire holiday off.  Now, I cherish and enjoy every holiday away from work!

Started the day in the Highland Terrace area watching their Fourth of July Parade.

This is a picture of the house we watched the parade from.

The Slip n' Slide would prove to inspire Aaron for later in the day.  
Several kids tried it out!  I'm not sure they all understood the concept!

After watching the parade, we headed over to Aaron's house for a jam session.  

Andrew is quite the guitar player, and Aaron is quite the drummer!

Then, to end the day, we went to Daniel's house.

Aaron created an adult Slip n' Slide!  So much fun!

I am a BIG fireworks fan.  Lucky me!  On the way home, we caught the last five minutes of Germantown's Firework Show.  It was awesome!  

Wonderful day!

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