Sunday, July 15, 2012

1 T-Shirt 5 Ways

I do NOT like to repeat outfits.  I am really bad about going out and buying an outfit, just so I have something new to wear.  Pants don't bother me so much, but I like my shirts to be new.

To challenge myself to save some cash this school year, I decided to test out my theory that a white t-shirt could be used to form many many outfits.  So far, I've come up with five unique looks.  (Okay I did use the "scarf look" twice, but I think the fact that one was worn with jeans and the other with shorts qualifies as making the look unique.)

I tried to make each outfit completely different from each of the other ones.

So, here are my five outfits.

This one is my favorite!  Vest is from New York and Company.

The scarf is from Jun Lee, a Memphis accessories store that is known for its cheap jewelry.  Sometimes you feel like you're weeding through a bunch of junk, but you can find many cute pieces at very reasonable prices.  Here is a story about the place!

This necklace is from New York and Company.  I absolutely adore it.  I do wish it was longer for this particular outfit, but it's still a really cool piece of jewelry.  What makes this outfit is the skirt.  My mom actually bought this for me after seeing it at Goodwill!  

This is my second favorite outfit.  The necklace is from New York and Company.  (Are you sensing a trend?)  The cardigan is from Urban Outfitters.  I got it around Christmas on clearance for $20.  I normally would think this cardigan was a little too fallish for the summer, but we go to a restaurant for trivia every Tuesday, and it is ALWAYS freezing cold.  This helped keep me warm.  Also, I think the necklace "lightens" it up a little bit.  

I picked up this scarf in San Diego at Pangaea Outpost.  I also have on a necklace from there that you really can't see in this picture.  I think the scarf was $16.  I absolutely adored that store, and the city for that matter.   Too bad it's about 1,000 miles too far away!  

So, there are my five shirts.  Any other creative ideas?  I hope to add more t-shirt outfits as I come across more creative accessories!

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