Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yeah Right: The Invisible Bra

When I was a reporter, I always wanted to be one of those consumer alert product tester reporters.  I was never given the chance.  That's okay, because this blog will give me that opportunity.

I've decided to (HOPEFULLY!) post once a week about a product that makes me go, "Yeah right!" when I see it advertised.  In the end, I'll give you my full opinion.

Since I'm a teacher, I'll rate it A, B, C, D, or F!

This week's lucky winner:  The Invisible Bra

As you can see, the bra claims to be invisible under clothes.  I bought this for $14.99 at Target.  The reason I wanted to test this is, I am currently in process of working on another blog where I try to make a white t-shirt and jeans new and fresh each day for a week.  Basically, I want to just use accessories to change the look of my white t-shirt.

But to do this, I needed a bra that would work under a white t-shirt.  I also don't want to wear a tank top under my white t-shirt.  I want it to work with just the bra.

So, here goes...

The bra worked!  Honestly, this is the best bra I've ever attempted underneath a white shirt.  I am extremely happy with it.  

To be fair, I'm also posting me wearing my usual bra underneath the shirt.  This one does have a little more padding than the invisible one, but it's very similar to most bras you see out there.  There's little thought given to the bra lines showing through the t-shirt.

In the 1st picture, I know it's hard to tell a difference between this bra and the invisible, but in person, it's there.  There was definitely a line in which you could tell where the bra stopped.  From the back, it's a little easier to tell.  The bra easily shows through the shirt.

Bottom Line:  The Invisible Bra gets an A!  


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