Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids Town Consignment

Michael and I recently had our first experience at the KidsTown Consignment Event at the Agricenter.  

Thankfully, I had adequately been prepared for how big and crazy this sale would be.  There are thousands of items to choose from.  

We started by checking out the car seats, strollers, and bigger items.  There were a couple of decent items, but I'm really wanting those items new.  Especially the car seat.  

So, we jumped over the clothes.  Michael was such a good sport.  And so adorable.  I was choking back tears the whole time.  It was just so sweet to see him picking out clothes for his little girl.  

We brought two tote bags.  Other people had other ideas...

Checking out. 

Our loot of clothing.  We also picked up several books and a bassinet.  

We've got to remember that a Honda Civic doesn't usually work well for transporting large items.  This bassinet was my favorite find.  

Here's the line to check out. 

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