Saturday, July 13, 2013


The baby officially has a crib!  Michael did a great job putting it together, although, he said it would have been a more efficient process had he not just enjoyed some beverages.  Still, we got it done.  

We only came across one problem. The back top of the crib was missing some drill holes.  I don't really know how that happens, but it will have to be fixed before Baby gets here.  Michael says it won't be complicated.  Still, that was a little annoying.  Other than that, the crib was fairly easy to put together.  It took us a total of about one hour.  I would not have wanted to put it together by myself.  I would have gotten frustrated.
I'm really in love with the bedding.  It took a long time to find something I liked.  I am not big into having characters, birds, or anything boring.  I really love the shabby chic look.  Also, the bedding had to somewhat coordinate with our guest bedding, since we only have a two bedroom house.  The nursery will have to have a bed in it for visitors.  So, it doesn't match perfectly, but the two beddings look like they are from the same family.  Also, this bedding was way less expensive that most of the other bedding I saw, including Target.  Our bedding can be found Baby Super Mall.  

Where do we start?  
I'm thankful he used the directions.

Get me out of here!
Just kidding!  This is great fun.  
Stella was a great supervisor.  
It's coming together!
Success!  What a great dad!  
The nursery is looking more like a nursery!  
Everything is still wrinkly.  I'm sure when baby gets here in three months, it'll be a lost smoother.  
I'm really in love with the bedding! 
What baby wouldn't want to live here!?
I can't get over what a blessing all of this is.  I truly struggle to not break out into tears every time we do something for the baby.  Tonight was no exception.  I just feel so incredibly lucky to be experiencing this.  Now, she just needs to get here!  :)

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