Sunday, May 26, 2013


I've got to be honest.  I wasn't sure summer was ever going to show its beautiful face again.  I feel like it's been cold for a lot longer this year compared to years past.

But yes, summer is unofficially here.  School officially finished up on Friday.

This will not be my usual relaxing summer. I have a lot in store.

First, I'm heading back to school.  I'll be attending Union University for my Master of Education in Instructional Leadership.  It's a 14 month program that will be very intense.  I hit the ground running starting June 1st.  I've got classes, practicum experience, and lots of papers headed my way this summer.

Second, I'm moving on up!  Next year, I'll be teaching 7th grade.  This will be a huge change.  I've got a lot of studying to do this summer.
Third, I'll be teaching a fitness camp for kids for a week at the end of June.  It's fun, but it's hard work.

Last, but not DEFINITELY not least, I'm having...oh yeah...a BABY!  I know I'll be spending a lot of time getting the house ready for its new addition headed our way in November.

So, I'll be VERY busy this summer.

Still, I will be taking some time to enjoy some of the summer exclusive opportunities.

Here's my Summer Top Ten List!  (In no particular order)

10.  The Bachelorette is about to start.  Yes, this is my summer guilty pleasure.

9.  Morning Workout Classes - No, I don't like the EARLY early classes, but I do enjoy the midmorning classes.  I can't wait to be a morning regular!  

8.  Speaking of the morning!  SLEEP!  I'll be able to sleep in later than 7:00, which is AWESOME!

7.  Time with Stella!  I'm so glad she won't be by herself every day.  We'll get to go on lots of walks and have lots of playtime!  

6.  Swimming!  Apparently swimming is great during pregnancy.  Thanks to Grandma's pool and Germantown Athletic Club, I plan to spend a lot of time in the pool!  

5.  Movies!  I love the summer movie season.  

4.  Summer Date Nights - What is it about the warm nights that is so romantic?  I hope for lots of romantic nights with Michael.

3.  The Beach...maybe???  Okay, I am hoping we find time to go to the beach.  I don't know if this will actually happen or not!  But, I'll spend all of summer hoping!

2.  Cooking Dinner - I do not have time to really cook dinner (like from scratch) during school.  It is so rare that I actually get home at a decent hour to put something together.  So, I hope to spend a lot of time cooking great dinners for Michael and me.  

1.  Having Time to Breathe - Being a teacher, this is probably the greatest gift of summer for a teacher.  There is so much to do during the year.  It's so nice to just be able to relax and not have too much of a schedule to follow!  

Have a great summer!

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