Monday, March 4, 2013

Pregnancy #3 Week 5

I am grateful for the sweet ladies I spend Wednesday nights with at Hopeful Hearts.  
After today, I'm especially thankful that they introduced me to Fertility Associates of Memphis.

This practice specializes in all things infertility.  
Whether it be the inability to get pregnant or recurrent loss.  

I had made an appointment for the end of March initially.  But, after we found out we were pregnant, we couldn't wait that long.  We had our first appointment today.  

I learned more in this hour and a half visit about miscarriages than I have from doing my own research in the past months.  You always hear people say that it was probably a genetic or chromosomal issue.

  Today, I actually was taught exactly what that meant.  

The entire staff was awesome.  I am especially in love with my doctor and the ultrasound technician.  She was phenomenal.  She was so smiley and cheerful.  I feel like heaven will be full of angels just like her.

This next picture may look like a whole lot of nothing, but it is a picture of hopes, dreams, love, and the future.  This is our little twinkle in the eye.  

That's a picture of our baby at 5 weeks.   

Of course, it's too early for a heartbeat, but the doctor said everything looked really good.  It's sizing out exactly as it should be.

After the ultrasound, I had some blood drawn and some other routine stuff done.  

The doctor wanted to see me in a week, but we'll be in Washington DC, so we won't be able to come back until Monday, March 18th.  To prove how awesome my doctor is, he gave me his cell number to call in case of any problems in DC.  I mean, have you heard of that ever happening?  Not me!

I am so prayerful that this pregnancy will stick.  My hopes are definitely up.  Michael says he's not quite ready to get too excited, but he did ask me my thoughts on a few names today.  That made me smile.