Friday, October 19, 2012

Chattanooga, I love you.

This post is celebrating Chattanooga.  I'm in love with the city.

Michael and I headed over to East Tennessee to celebrate our one year anniversary.

There is SOOO much to see and do there, so we had to put every minute to use.

Friday night we went to The Honest Pint.  We arrived pretty late, so we didn't spend too long there.

We stayed at the Sheraton Read House which is a very nice hotel.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to Aretha Frakenstein's.  Very interesting experience.  The food was amazing, but the place didn't have great service.  Still, it's a must experience.

We then rafted the Ocoee.  Very cold but very fun!

Our guide was great, but he kept telling us that he liked to "play."  This basically means that he likes to get us drenched in water.  Like I said, very cold, but very fun.

After we went rafting, we were of course STARVING. 

We found this great burger joint called Urban Stack.  Great food, great drinks, and great service.  

We were extremely tired after a day of rafting and eating such a great meal.

We went to our hotel.  This one was located on Lookout Mountain and wasn't as nice as the first night, but it served its purpose.  It had a good bed, and it was in a good location.  

We took a nap, then headed out to Ruby Falls for their Haunted Cavern Haunted House.

It is one of the best haunted houses we've ever experienced.  VERY SCARY!

The next morning, we woke up and headed out.

Before we left Chattanooga, we went for a little walk in the beautiful downtown area then ate at the Terminal Brewhouse.  

Terminal Brewhouse Sampler

As we headed back to Memphis, we decided to take a detour and experience Fall Creek Falls.

Beautiful Bridge at Fall Creek Falls

Bottom of the Main Event of the Park

It was so much fun and such a beautiful trip.  It was a great way to spend our one year anniversary!

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