Sunday, November 2, 2014

100 Things to Eat in Memphis: Wiseguys Chicago Pizza's South Side Italian Sausage Sandwich

Check out our visit to Wiseguys Chicago Pizza in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

It too is on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list.  You're supposed to get the South Side Italian Sandwich.  

It took us a little while to find this place, thanks to a certain person's directions mishap.  That person will remain nameless.  

My parents came with us, so we got to sample more than just the sandwich.  

Basically, everything here is good.  Really really good.  The first picture is of the sandwich.  My parents got the Junk Yard Style Pizza.  

The place looks like a house from the outside, so when you turn to get to it, you'll probably think you're headed to a house.  Well, you kinda are.

The inside is decorated in all kinds of Chicago memorabilia.  They also have room outside for kids to play.  

One bad thing:  The service.  While everyone was really nice, there was major disorganization.  It took us a long time to get our pizza and food.  They warn you that the pizza will take 25 minutes, but it's like they forgot to cook our other stuff, so I had to wait for my sandwich about 10 minutes after my parents' food had arrived.

If you've got 2 hours to spare, check this place out.  Enjoy!

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